US Couple Creates Facebook For Unborn Child

WASHINGTON: A baby girl may have become the youngest person with a Facebook page, the reason – she hasn’t been born as yet.
Marriah Greene has a Facebook page created by her parents Matt and Ellie Greene, who were looking for a playful way to keep friends up to date on the progress of the pregnancy.
The couple, from Whitehouse, Texas, know they are having a girl, and the due date for her birth has been given as June 9.
And as of June 1 their daughter had 268 “friends” — mostly real friends and family of her parents.
“We weren’t sure how to tell all our friends the baby was coming,” ABC News quoted Matt, 37, as saying in a telephone interview.
“We’d held off on telling people — we wanted to make sure everything was fine with the pregnancy. We thought the quickest way to tell everyone would be to use Facebook,” he said.
Matt is a nurse, and Ellie, 25, who is still working part-time as her due date approaches, is a nurse’s assistant studying to become a nurse herself.
“We didn’t realize we’d started an online journal. We’ve documented everything,” Matt said.
“When Ellie has a free moment she might go on there to tell people what’s happening with the baby.
“We thought back to our own childhoods and realized a lot of details had been lost. Here, we realized, we’ve documented everything,” he stated.
Word has spread of young Marriah’s online presence, and as of June 1 she had more than 350 friend requests, which her father said he and his wife would ignore if they came from strangers. Source –

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